Chapter 1.7

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Last time, Petunia was living up to the Bad Apple reputation.  The triplets completed their childhood goals and became teens.  Belladonna just worked on her aspiration and vampire skills.

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Chapter 1.6

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We start off with Petunia wandering around outside.  The dog’s name is Shredder, which cracks me up.  As soon as Victoria maxed her pet training skill, they placed him up for adoption.

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Chapter 1.5

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Rolling right along, last time Victoria and the kids stayed up late to watch the New Year.  The next day, the triplets had all gained a skill level, which completed their resolutions.  Victoria still needs to get another promotion and Belladonna needs to get a better grade in school.

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Chapter 1.2

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Welcome back, we start off by being moved over to the 2nd sim that Victoria turned.  How did I forget that we turned Siobahn Fyres?  I don’t know.  Maybe she only drank from Brant and not turned him.  At this point, we will need these random camera pulls to keep track.

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