Generation 3: Robin Vatore

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Robin Vatore – Generation 3 heiress

Traits: Dog Lover, Active, Non-Committal

Vampire Bonus
Turned into a vampire and have at least 3 rewards per tier level – COMPLETED
Complete a vampire aspiration – COMPLETED
Turn 5 sims – COMPLETED

Cat & Dogs
Create a dog with your founder, and each heir must have their own pet as a companion (either by breeding the original pet or by adopting a new pet), and do the following:

  • Teach all commands (only dogs can be trained – cats can be owned, but only dogs count for the bonus) (3 Points) – COMPLETED
  • Max both the veterinarian skill and the pet training skill. (3 Points) – COMPLETED
  • Run a vet clinic (the vet clinic must be established by the founder and owned through the entire challenge). (3 Points) – COMPLETED

TS4_x64 2018-09-16 00-45-15-99

Robin’s Dog was Asparagus

Get to Work
Have someone max a GTW career each generation –  Detective – COMPLETED
Run a retail business established by the founder and owned the entire challenge – COMPLETED
Discover 10 Aliens in Disguise – COMPLETED (Victoria)

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Johnny Zest
Pregnancy 1: Natalie and Krystal

Allen Huntington III – May have died before getting a picture.
Pregnancy 2: Tiffany and Tyler (bad apple)

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Quinn North
Pregnancy 3: Aaron