Bonuses and Mini Challenges

Rules for Cats & Dogs, One Bad Apple, and the Golden Trio were updated 8/12/2018
One Bad Apple was further updated 8/15/2018

Vampire Bonus
Founder- Victoria – COMPLETE
Gen 2 – Belladonna – COMPLETE
Gen 3 – Robin – COMPLETE

Turned into a vampire and have at least 3 rewards per tier level – Yes, Yes,
Complete a vampire aspiration – Yes (Vampire Family), Yes (Grand Vampire), No (Good Vampire), No (Grand Vampire again)
Turn 5 sims – Yes, Yes, Yes.

Cat & Dogs
Founder – Victoria – COMPLETE – Dog: Lydia
Gen 2 – Belladonna – COMPLETE – Dog: Snuggs

Gen 3 – Robin – COMPLETE – Dog: Asparagus

Create a dog with your founder, and each heir must have their own pet as a companion (either by breeding the original pet or by adopting a new pet), and do the following:
-Teach all commands (only dogs can be trained – cats can be owned, but only dogs count for the bonus) (3 Points)
-Max both the veterinarian skill and the pet training skill. (3 Points)
-Run a vet clinic (the vet clinic must be established by the founder and owned through the entire challenge). (3 Points)

Get to Work – 
Founder – Victoria – Science Career – COMPLETE
Gen 2 – Belladonna – Hospital – COMPLETE
Gen 3 – Robin – Detective – COMPLETE

Have someone max a GTW career each generation – Science (done), Hospital (done), Detective (done). COMPLETE
Have someone max a retail business at some point during the challenge – COMPLETE
Discover 10 Aliens in Disguise – COMPLETE

BoolProp Naming Scheme
(10 Points) – COMPLETE
Founding: Belladonna, Oscar, Omar, Lucille, Petunia – includes the golden trio, who each get their own letter.
Gen.2: Rachel, Robin, Opal, and Paige and Patrick
Gen.3: Natalie

Naming the first generation’s three children names that start with B, O and O. The second generation’s children would be given names that start with L, P and R. The third generation’s children would be given names that start with O, P and N (for .net, of course!). If twins are born they count as one letter, tough bananas! Name them both with the letter the one child would have been assigned and then you must have another child. So if I had my first generation heir have a boy that I named Larry, then a set of twins I would name them Peter and Paula, because they only count for one letter, I would then have to have them try for another baby to get a Rachel. Additional children born/adopted whether intentionally or accidentally are considered outside the naming scheme and can be named whatever you want.

One Bad Apple (10 Points): Petunia, Patrick, Tyler – COMPLETE
Every generation one of your children will just plain be a bad apple. You get to choose which child it is at birth. Once chosen you cannot change it. A bad apple cannot be controlled until they become a young adult. You may not view their needs or skills, you may not view anything that you cannot already see with all of the interface fully collapsed. As a toddler, child, and teen you cannot control them at all. At this point (young adult) you may also just move them out so they can be controlled by story progression. Having the Bad Apple be taken by a social worker or die before reaching young adult causes you to lose this mini-challenge. You may purchase aspiration rewards that your Bad Apple has rightfully earned. Bonus bonus points if your bad apple earns negative character traits!

The Golden Trio (10 Points): Oscar, Omar, & Lucille – COMPLETE
A generation of your choice must give birth to triplets. You may name each of the babies after a different letter in the naming scheme if you go for this, you are also exempt from the three pregnancy rule that generation. Additional trio rules apply. You must have each triplet max three skills of your choosing as a child, make one best friend and two good friends (outside of the family), and complete the golden trio of getting an A in elementary and high school and reaching the top of their teen career as a teen. They must also each earn at least three positive character value if you have Parenthood installed. Trio = three. And no negative values. Additional children may be born after the triplets, the trio rules do not apply to them. *clarification – the friends and the character traits need to be completed by the end of the teen years, the other requirements need to be completed within the age specified.

Beyond Cheesy (10 Points): COMPLETE: Petunia
Vampires get  plasma starting at teen.  Everyone else gets grilled cheese (human and vampire alike).
Your Sims may only ever, ever, ever eat grilled cheese. They may drink any liquid they want, but if it’s food it has to only be Grilled Cheese! Anyone in the household eating anything else makes you lose this mini-challenge. Otherwise, morning, noon and night your Sims will eat, breathe and live the glory and wonder and majesty of grilled cheese. Whether they like it or not. Bonus bonus points if they achieve the hidden Grilled Cheese aspiration!

Family Scrapbook (10 Points) – COMPLETE
Every member of the family must have either their picture taken, portrait painted (paint from reference) and hung somewhere about the house. You can choose the age or do multiple ages, take group shots or individual pictures, it’s up to you. Your house must contain a picture of everyone that has ever lived in the house by the end of the challenge. Also, each generation, starting with the founder, must write one novel, to keep track of the family’s memories. In total four novels must be written: one by the founder and one by each of the three heirs (first gen, second gen, third gen).

On Ley, Not the Lonely (10 Points) – COMPLETE
At the beginning of the challenge you must enable the On Ley Line lot trait, and leave it on for the entire challenge. You must woohoo and give birth on your home lot for the entirety of the challenge. Multiple children will only count as one pregnancy and each generation must still have three pregnancies. Each pregnancy will count as one letter if you are doing the Boolprop Naming Theme mini-challenge. Each child born during the challenge will also need to have at least one character trait (positive or negative) upon finishing their teen years.

Super Mini-Challenges
Workaholics Anonymous
(15 Points) – COMPLETE
Top any 10 career tracks with any combination of household members!

Aspirational Family (20 Points) – COMPLETE
Complete all aspirations available to you at least once!

Tricks of the Trade (20 Points) – COMPLETE
Max all skills at least once with any combination of household members!

The one bonus you can do, regardless – COMPLETE
-For finishing the challenge and posting it to the exchange/your blog/a thread/etc. (3 Points)