Monster Mash Challenges

Main Goal


  • The playable supernatural lifestates in Sims 4 are: Alien, Ghost, Temporary Plantsim, Vampire and Temporary Skeleton.
  • You must start with a vanilla sim.  With the lack of playable supernatural lifestates in Sims 4, you must achieve all to get the points.
  • Your black sheep needs to be a Vampire, a Plantsim, a Skeleton, a ghost, and to have an alien baby.
  • Any life extending items are totally forbidden and you cannot change the length of time between birthdays unless its to make it less than the usual.
  • In true legacy style: “Move your founder into the new empty $10,000 lot.  This will leave them with $10,000 in cash.  Before doing anything else, purchase the Knight of the Octagon Table decoration costing $8,200 and place it in your family inventory.  It must remain there for the entire challenge.”
    • You can also go EXTREME, and start in a 64 x 64 lot in Windenburg. You must earn enough money to buy the Knight of the Octagon Table ($8,200) and then buy it, to completely bankrupt your founder.
  • Traits and preferences for children must be rolled legacy style.
  • No service sims allowed! What service sim would take a job at a house inhabited by a literal monster? :o
  • Play on average or shorter lifespan, no epic long lifespans.


  • (4) If you finish the challenge in two generations, +20 points. If you finish the challenge in three, +5 points. If you finish the challenge in three or more, no points.
  • +10 points for every lifestate your black sheep has. (A black sheep who is all of the supernatural lifestates in TS4 is worth +50 points for example.)
  • +5 points for every other supernatural in the black sheep’s family. (Does not stack – if your black sheep’s mother is an alien+vampire, she’s only worth +5 points, not +10.)
  • +10 points for every $25,000 your black sheep’s family is worth by the time they get their fifth lifestate.
  • +5 points for every toddler skill your black sheep learns. (TS4)
  • +10 points for every brother or sister the black sheep has!
  • +10 points if you have a pet family running alongside your main one. (TS4)
  • +5 points for every sim who reaches the top of their career.
  • +10 points for all maxed skills!


  • -20 points every time you use kaching.
  • -20 points for every kid taken away by the social worker.


  • Family Friendships:
    • TS4 VERSION: Sims 4 sims cannot have more than one best friend.  Instead, they will need to have a maxed friendship bar.
    • As a family of outcasts, your black sheep’s family really need to stick together. If all immediate family members of the black sheep (parents, siblings, grandparents, pets) are friends with your black sheep by the time they achieve their final lifestate, you get +10 points per friendship! However they MUST be friends with every family member to get these points. A family of the parents, and one sibling can earn +30 points if they’re all friends.
    • If the black sheep has a bad relationship with their sibling, you can’t achieve these points because they are not friends with EVERYONE.
  • Portraiture (All):
    • Have a portrait/photo/selfie/etc. of every family member! +15 points
  • Before and After (All):
    • On top of the portraiture challenge, paint a portrait/take a picture of the black sheep each time they gain a new lifestate and hang them up in the house! +5 points for every lifestate portrait.
  • Heirs and Spares (All):
    • Dealing with supernaturals is risky business.  Your black sheep needs to have a spare to pick up the mantle in case a terrible accident happens! +10 points if the black sheep has a spare
  • House Expansion (All):
    • Have a room in the house themed after each one of the black sheep’s supernatural lifestates! +10 for each room.
  • You Do You (TS3/4):
    • You must take the first LTW that pops up for your sims in their wants, no questions asked. +10 points
  • Wishacy/Wantacy/Whimacy (All):
    • Fulfill every wish your sims have. +40 points
  • Family (All):
    • Your vanilla sim founder wants a family!  They must find a partner and have at least three children. These children don’t need to be the partner’s (all can be the results of alien abductions, for example). +25 points.