Generation 6: Nicholas Vatore

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09-30-18_2-52-37 PM

  • Move your YA alien child back to the same world your first generation was playing in. Choice of lot is not restricted. Choose what you wish. This is the Sim you will now be controlling.
  • Aspiration must be changed to one of those in the group: Family
  • One of the Lot traits must be: Good Schools OR Child’s Play
  • Career choice is not restricted.

Your mission is complete when you meet one or both of these:

  1. Reach all 2.3 mission objectives (goals) found below.
  2. You die of old age, hopefully happy & content.
  • Marry a human Sim – Done
  • Have at least one human-looking offspring – Done
  • (optional) Complete one of the Family aspirations – Done.
  • Have a human best friend – Done
  • Build the Close Encounters Academy/Embassy [non-residential]. Must be worth at least $100k simoleons – Done


  • +10 Build a Close Encounter Academy [non-residential lot]

Points: 10
Overall: +105