Generation 5: Scarlet Vatore

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  • Move your YA alien child to a new world from the one your first generation was playing. Choice is not restricted. Choose what you wish. This is the Sim you will now be controlling.
  • Aspiration must be changed to one of those in the group: Knowledge
  • One of the Lot traits must be: Peace and Quiet
  • Career choice is not restricted.

Your mission is complete when you meet one or both of these:

  1. Reach all 2.2 mission objectives (goals) found below.
  2. Your child reaches YA.

Mission Objectives:

  • Build your own Rocket (upgraded fully) – Done
  • Visit Sixam – Done
  • (optional) Propose marriage to an alien while on Sixam – Done.
  • Marry an alien – Done.
  • Try for Baby in rocketship for your first child – Done.
  • Have an alien best friend – Done.


  • +10 Marry an alien
  • +5 Have an alien best friend.
  • +10 Visit Sixam for the first time.
  • +5 Each additional alien pregnancy.

Total: 30 points.
Overall: 95 points.