Chapter 6.1

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-51-52-71.jpg

I ended the last chapter a bit abruptly.  Veronica had just aged up and I spent hours doing her makeover.  She is super adorable and Angelic.  Although, she did throw a fit when asked to potty, as evidenced by that scowl on her face.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-53-48-75.jpg

Veronica:  Don’t want.

Nicholas:  Of course you do.  Chicken nuggets are yummy!

Veronica:  No.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-53-52-76.jpg

Veronica:  Daddy, I want that!  That looks yummy.

Nicholas:  At least try your chicken first, okay?

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-54-08-10.jpg

Veronica:  NO!

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-54-24-10.jpg

Veronica:  <smash smash smash>

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-54-31-34.jpg

Nicholas:  What are you doing?

Veronica:  Nuffing!

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-55-02-59.jpg

Veronica:  I ate it all.  I can have other yummy stuff now?

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-55-49-42.jpg

Veronica:  Yes!  It’s all mine!

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-55-59-97.jpg

Veronica:  Hi, daddy.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-56-07-15.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-56-13-94.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-58-08-62.jpg

Nicholas:  Only little brats throw their food on the floor.  Can’t you just eat what’s put in front of you?  Do you think food grows on trees?  Wait.  Don’t answer that.

Veronica was so angry she magically poofed out of the high chair, or glitched.

Veronica:  I don’t like you!

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-59-08-17.jpg

Veronica:  DADDY!

Nicholas: What?

Veronica:  No.  Want good daddy.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-59-23-62.jpg

Veronica:  Can I have a story, daddy?

Cain:  Of course, princess.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 22-59-32-73.jpg

Too bad she’s still mad at Nicholas.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-00-03-70.jpg

Cain:  Phlbbbb!

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-00-06-39.jpg

Veronica:  Daddy, funny!

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-00-24-92.jpg

Nicholas:  What have you done?  We don’t buy you nice things for you to destroy them!

Veronica:  Mean daddy go away!

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-00-43-46.jpg

Cain stays out of it and fixes the dollhouse.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-00-54-69.jpg

Cain:  Woo, that completed my milestone!


TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-02-48-00.jpg

Cain:  Ready for your story?

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-02-59-41.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-03-13-23.jpgTS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-03-24-74.jpg

I think they both really enjoyed that book.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-04-23-53.jpg

Cain:  What the hell is wrong with you?

Nicholas:  I have no clue what you mean.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-04-36-03.jpg

Cain:  I’m trying to talk to you.

Nicholas:  Stop interrupting my game.

Cain:  You’re an asshole in need of an attitude adjustment.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-08-24-89.jpg

Oh please, please win.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-09-11-47.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-10-09-57.jpg

They both buy their lottery tickets.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-11-14-60.jpg

If Veronica is awake, then her dad’s are right there to watch her.  Cain because he loves her to pieces, Nicholas because he wants to lecture her on breathing.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-21-46-28.jpg

The only space available that is close by for the slide is upstairs.  She starts doing that while the guys spray the bugs infesting our nest egg.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-22-44-93.jpg

Nicholas is on my shit list, so he also has to weed everything.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-23-41-79.jpg

I would kill to have this weed machine in real life.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-25-00-35.jpg

Veronica gets to level 3 movement before hunger sets in.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-26-10-73.jpg

So, she starts on communicating.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-27-07-61.jpg

I’m pretty sure the money trees were harvested and they made enough money for the house, but I had a good reason for them to wait at the time.  I can’t remember what it was now.

Anyway, Cain needed a rocket, so they start on that.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-28-05-91.jpg

Cain:  It’s just a potty.  All big girls have to learn to do this.

Veronica is not so sure about this.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-30-28-62.jpg

Night night time.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-31-35-60.jpg

We interrupt this rocket building moment for…

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-52-44-92.jpg

A house.  But not just any house.  This is house #5.  It has been 4 hours since the last pic.  The house they were saving up for sucked.  The one I found after that sucked too…and so on and so forth.  This one was actually the cheapest of all the options and it had all the requirements.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-55-50-55.jpg

Nicholas has gotten an attitude adjustment (switched Evil for Family Oriented), which vastly improves his relationship with Veronica.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-57-19-05.jpg

She finally gets to potty level 2 with Cain’s help.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-58-03-41.jpg

Cain spends a lot of time in the pool.

TS4_x64 2018-10-01 23-59-51-02.jpg

Veronica:  No. More. Slide.

TS4_x64 2018-10-02 00-01-03-38.jpg

The rocket advances.

TS4_x64 2018-10-02 00-02-25-89.jpg

Veronica loves the ball pit.

TS4_x64 2018-10-02 00-02-32-40.jpg

Screw you, Elsa.

TS4_x64 2018-10-02 00-03-53-90.jpg

The rocket finishes.

Then it happened.  The guys had been sleeping in kids beds for some reason.  Nicholas went into labor, so I had him head to the master bedroom for a nap.  He couldn’t get to the bed.  I tried repeatedly with no luck.  I finally teleported him next to the bed, and he was able to sleep.  So, the bed was not the problem.

TS4_x64 2018-10-02 00-10-51-05.jpg

He then got trapped by the bed and could not use the bassinet that I already had ready (Veronica’s old one).

TS4_x64 2018-10-02 00-11-21-65.jpg

It’s a purple girl !  I just ranomized her name (as I do all kids) and tried to get Nicholas free of the bedroom.  Don’t quote me, but I think her name is Fiona.

TS4_x64 2018-10-02 00-13-29-89.jpg

Cain can see his baby and his husband, but he cannot get to them.

TS4_x64 2018-10-02 00-13-38-21.jpg

The bed is in the bottom left corner.  Nicholas got from the bed to the computer, but that’s it.  Something is wrong here.  I deleted the shoes and the dresser with no luck.  The kitchen is down below.  I deleted everything there.  No luck.  So, I DELETED THE GODDAMN HOUSE.

Ugh.  Then I saved their empty lot and quit playing.  I was so pissed.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-34-37-99.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-34-49-71.jpg

The new house is not that expensive.  It’s 8 bedrooms.  I removed all the beds except a master bedroom on the first floor.  I converted two other rooms to be a nursery and a toddler bedroom.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-35-00-75.jpg

When Fiona grows up, she will move to the room no the right.  When Veronica grows up, she will move to a room upstairs.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-35-20-23.jpg

So far, this house doing great.  A nice comfy chair is a good a place as any to eat.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-36-31-21.jpg

Oh, and there’s a hot tub.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-37-40-74.jpg

A very nice hot tub.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-39-19-91.jpg

Cain:  What the hell do you mean you’re pregnant again?  I did not authorize this.

Nicholas:  But…babies!  Yay!

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-39-30-32.jpg

Cain:  Fine, yay.  But no more!

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-43-38-68.jpg

Nicholas is now helpful.  Sadly, he still has evil coding and I find him lecturing her all the time.  It’s pissing me off.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-45-34-73.jpg

Cain is the one who makes sure food is prepared.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-45-52-02.jpg

Nicholas has bath times well in hand.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-47-27-19.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-48-09-33.jpg

Veronica fell a lot until that one time when she didn’t.

Veronica:  I DID IT!

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-48-59-67.jpg

She also maxes her potty skill after maxing movement.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-50-05-86.jpg

Redoing the house I guess is a good thing.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-50-42-10.jpg

Fiona does exist.  She just doesn’t do anything.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-52-04-40.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-52-12-01.jpg

Except get spoiled rotten.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-52-36-23.jpg

Cain:  Sshhh don’t tell anyone.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-56-32-08.jpg

Even Veronica comes in to talk to her sister.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 06-57-40-64.jpg

And the unicorn.  She maxes communication.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-01-40-38.jpg

Cain takes off for other worlds.  Five times.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-16-08-10.jpg

Flash cards.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-16-19-21.jpg

Cain:  We must brush our teeth morning and night.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-16-30-49.jpg

Cain: And we sleep in beds.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-16-52-13.jpg

Cain:  Eat our veggietables.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-16-58-92.jpg

Cain:  And feed our babies with a bottle.  But not you.  You’re a big girl now.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-17-17-51.jpg

Cain:  Then, we potty like a big girl.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-18-19-07.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-26-44-29.jpg

Fiona has her birthday.  She is a human.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-19-20-65.jpg

Scarlet leaves us 😦

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-37-48-97.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-39-22-39.jpg

Similar but different jammies are all that I can use to tell them apart in this outfit.  Fiona starts communicating and going potty.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-40-37-46.jpg

Nooo!  Don’t take Adrianna!

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-42-41-58.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-44-00-15.jpg

Veronica still has some time left to work on her skills.  I don’t remember if she gets them all done, but she gets close.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-44-58-16.jpg

I think she got scolded again.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-48-59-10.jpg

The new baby is a boy.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-50-42-69.jpg

I haven’t been pressing Nicholas or Cain into doing too much since the goal is only for Nicholas to build some clubhouse and die.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-53-23-66.jpg

Fiona moves on to movement.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 07-58-34-84.jpg

And I caught them running off to the rocket for sexy times.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-00-36-53.jpg

Cain has to upgrade stuff, so he upgrades the sprinklers.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-03-54-57.jpg

I thought the rocket was a regular woohoo, so I was not prepared for this.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-04-18-96.jpg

Nicholas:  He’s going to be so pissed.

Dude, don’t give me the stink eye.  You two did this on your own.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-04-41-72.jpg

Breakfast with the girls.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-05-56-01.jpg

Family time.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-07-49-50.jpg

Man, she turned out butt ugly, didn’t she.  This is Asia, btw.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-08-16-93.jpg

She is so cute.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-08-52-58.jpg

Cain has a telescope addiction.  He needs his logic skill worked on, so I don’t discourage him.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-11-22-83.jpg

Sister/block togetherness.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-13-59-90.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-15-13-05.jpg

Cain:  You’re daddy wants five kids.  I don’t…but I’ll probably have them anyway.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-15-21-30.jpg

Veronica:  You should have just left it at one.

Cain:  Agreed.

I had to show her thought bubble.  It was so appropriate.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-15-57-87.jpg

Nicholas:  Bedtime!

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-16-22-88.jpg

Nicholas:  Yes, it’s your bedtime too.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-21-29-62.jpg

Annette dropped by.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-25-31-22.jpg

And Veronica woke up and had her birthday.  No one knew it was her birthday.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-46-32-36.jpg

She’s really pretty though.  I should have her stats next time.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-50-59-33.jpg

Or not.  I guess I did think to grab them.

She did not max her toddler skills.  I think imagination and thinking got to 4.

TS4_x64 2018-10-03 08-48-55-19.jpg

She moves in to the red room, which should get a childlike makeover someday.

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