Chapter 3.4

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-14-04-26

I must apologize for the opening pic.  It was pitch black in Granite Falls and I had to lighten the hell out of this.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-13-13-85

Rachel is not fixed.  She’s on vacation with Robin and it still thinks she is at work.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-09-29-94

Rachel still has a lot to do before she can move out though.  I hate to think we might need to cut her loose and have Belladonna do yet another aspiration.

Also, so far, none of the plants have recuperated after winter.  I am hoping this visit kick start their growth.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-35-50-07

I was wrong apparently last chapter.  Allen ended up being the 1st of the Kiss 10 sims.  She might invite over Johnny and get his kiss counted.  Robin still needs to pick up a 3rd romance too.

Crap, I see she needs boyfriends after all.  This is my first look at the 4th milestone in a long, long time.  I wonder if the gold dates are retroactive.  She’s had 4 or 5 gold dates, but only 1 boyfriend.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-41-12-51

Well, there is growth, but nothing to harvest.  They will hang out for the day to encourage the plantlife.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-41-41-33

Robin just relaxed for most of the day.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-42-44-55

Then this happened.  I though she was only in her 2nd trimester.  My bad.  MCCC says she is having a single girl.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-45-15-00

Rachel heads into the deep woods to see how the plants are there.  It’s worse than at the camping areas, but she did grab some bugs.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-45-39-66

And we found bouncing turds with googly eyes.  It ended up being dust sprites.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-47-56-87

They did not dally too long as Robin does have to have her home birth.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-49-19-52

I’m not sure what the light festival under feet are for, but she gives birth to Natalie (completing the Boolpropn naming scheme) and her TWIN, Krystal.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-51-54-55

Belladonna wants to complete her career so she can quit.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 07-52-00-15

But she got a bonus instead.  I heard the money jingle, but didn’t notice a change in household funds.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 08-02-24-02

Opal invites over the elderly mixologist guy.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 08-05-09-92

She drank deeply from him forcing him to pass out, which is all part of Opal’s evil plan.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 10-31-10-19

When the man wakes up, Opal convinces him to take the coffin for a tumble.

Four times.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 10-33-04-37

Sans:  Are you trying to kill me?  I’m too old for this!

Opal:  Oh, you can handle one more time.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 10-33-56-71

Sans:  Nope, I don’t think so.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 10-35-00-07

Opal kills the poor old man, see Grim, and then nothing.

I reloaded the game three times, woohoo’d the guy to death three times, and three times she did not witness his death.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 10-35-18-06

She even got a phone call commemorating his death.  She has his urn and everything.  I have read a lot on the EA help pages that this has been happening for years.  I’m really getting annoyed with how badly this game is going.

Now Opal is going to have to find a new elder to kill off.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 10-48-42-70

500th time’s the charm?

Opal:  God, I hope so.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 10-57-13-82

5 piles of laundry later, Sans has died for the last time.  If it doesn’t work this time, we will have to give up.

Please note how Opal stays in bed.  She is literally frozen there while Grim reads the death tablet.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 10-57-49-05

I am starting to hate this game.  She couldn’t even plead for him because he was reaped before she could move again.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 10-57-54-48

BUT, for the first time ever, she actually witnesses the death.  This, of course, DID NOT complete her aspiration, so I freaking cheated.  Sue me.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 10-58-42-21

There, proof I cheated.  Screw you, game.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 11-08-05-03

Oh, and meet our new family member.  The stuck vampire streak.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 11-11-55-46

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 11-12-16-98

Freaking Scarlet died of old age at work.  As you can see, everyone here witnessed the death just fine.  Everyone except maybe 3 co-workers are elders, so I hope Robin tops her career before they start dropping.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 11-23-28-03

She does complete her case and it was an elderly woman who was going around stealing dentures from the Old Folks’ Home.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 11-44-13-80

She had enough clues to research without having to visit another crime scene.

Robin:  Is this your mess?  We frown upon vandalizing the dog park.

Dude:  Wasn’t me. In fact, I was here cleaning it up before you so rudely stopped me.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 11-46-16-78

Robin:  Just confess now!  We have multiple reports that you have been eating all the dog food at the Dog Park.

Dude:  Okay, okay.  It was me!  I’m just a homeless NPC and I am always hungry.  I couldn’t help myself.

So, she solved yesterday’s case and today’s case in one day.  No promotion, of course, but at least she can go to work alone for a few days.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 11-52-23-33

Robin:  I am so glad you called for this date, I really needed to kiss you for my aspiration.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 11-54-50-18

Of course, Victoria “just happens” to show up.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 11-59-45-47

Opal wished on the well and got her last promotion!  She has the weekend off, but we have no interest in that right now.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-03-03-02

Fraps died, so I missed a bit of the family.  We arrive back to see Robin getting abducted when she was on the way to age up the twins.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-15-39-19

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-15-53-23

Opal does it since Belladonna was not around and Rachel hates kids.

Natalie – Independent
Krystal – Charmer (LIES)

I think they may be identical.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-16-23-47

Opal:  Well, my work here is done.  Later, sucker.

Rachel:  Nooo!  Take me with you!

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-23-28-81

Rachel the really dumb sim.  She hates kids, yet she chooses to read a skillbook for three bad moodlets regarding being near kids and something else.  She has subsequently been locked out of the nursery.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-24-07-86

Oh yeah.  Belladonna is doing her book writing for her after work requirement.

I’m pretty sure Natalie just wants to watch her.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-27-56-15

Back from her abduction, it’s time to get this potty started.

Krystal threw two fits and got scolded by Robin the second she returned from outer space.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-31-59-56

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-32-08-82

So, super sell.  The daily sell off nets about $150k.  The family has just become millionaires.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-34-21-61

Another promotion down.  I think only one more to go.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-36-40-26

Belladonna finally gets her writing done and heads over to the wishing well.  I was not expecting a promotion immediately!

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-36-43-79

I think I’d rather be the boss winning the lottery.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-39-46-43

It’s vacation time.  No one was prepared for toddlers, so Belladonna gets the grilled cheese made.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-44-22-74

And I unlock the lot to make a nursery.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 12-58-55-36

Oh for Pete’s sake.  Oh well, there’s bugs in the background Rachel can grab.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-01-53-90

She spends 24 hours wandering around each area.  By the time they are forced to leave because of Robin, most of these have sprouted.  I think spring switched to summer partway through.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-07-24-52

OOPS!  I seriously never paid any attention to Allen’s personal life.  Also, he’s old 😦

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-10-13-91

Omg, Natalie knock it off!  It’s like 8pm, so Krystal is going to cry over this for almost a full day.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-18-18-61


TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-18-51-00

Wake up! Wake up right now!

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-20-50-78

I hate to say it, but I turned off autonomy.  Rachel needs to read and she was refusing.  She went from level 4 to 8 right here.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-21-03-11

Potty training (level 2 to 3 for Natalie and 1 to 3 for Krystal) is done.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-26-09-82

Oh yeah, this is what was happening when Fraps stopped working.  Allen is the father.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-36-12-01

They got a new laundry room because they kept getting laundry piles out of nowhere and they just kept being picked up and put in inventories.  Robin went to look at it before heading up to give birth.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-40-58-12

Don’t make me remember their names!  Kidding.  The boy is Tyler and he’s our Bad Apple.  I’ll tell you why in a little bit.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-54-35-08

Robin is definitely not a slacker at work, that’s for sure.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-56-08-30

Robin:  You are under arrest!

Lucille:  Yeah, get that pervert out of here!

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-58-09-66

Robin:  Admit it!  You have been at the gym peeping into the Men’s changing room!

Lady:  No, not me!  I swear!

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 13-59-23-46

Robin:  The evidence says otherwise.  Just confess and maybe I’ll talk to the judge about going easy on you.

Lady:  Okay, okay!  I did it!  But it wasn’t what you were thinking!  My friends dared me to look.  They wanted to know which men wore boxers and which ones wore briefs.

Robin:  Eww.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 14-01-40-26

The new Chief, guys!

We have now completed all 10 Careers for the bonus!

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 14-04-13-84

Back with Rachel, we got lucky!

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 14-05-59-11

Before winter, she discovered 3 or 4 of the wild plants and then we had to wait until spring to plant them.  She made 3 excellent Fireleaf Extracts (out of 8 made).

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 14-07-20-93

Robin is left to her own devices for now.  With four kids, she is seriously busy.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 14-46-20-76

Then we got this notification, which means there will be FOUR toddlers.  I didn’t calculate correctly.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 14-52-18-52

Nothing like this to slap you in the face and let you know just how much time has passed.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 14-54-49-64

I can only laugh or I’d cry.  Rachel will complete the insects before she’ll discover her 5th wild plant.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 15-26-50-37

I just randomized the names, so here is Tiffany who is Inquisitive.

TS4_x64 2018-09-13 15-27-09-98

Tyler will be our bad apple because he is the first of the four to be human.  I checked to see if he was a vampire while we were in CAS and saw that he is Clingy.

Also, there is a thunderstorm so they grew up upset.

Right now, we still have these Aspirations left to do:
Outdoor Enthusiast – Rachel (3/4)
Serial Romantic – Robin (3/4)
Friend of Animals – JUST saw that this wasn’t done.  I think MCCC controls strays, because I haven’t seen any yet.

We also have to max all the skills.  Left to do is:
Herbalism – Rachel – level 8
Photography – Robin – level 2

Top 10 CareersWahooooo!
Doctor – Belladonna – done
Scientist – Victoria – done
Tech Guru – eSports Gamer – Petunia – done
Gardener – Botanist – Victoria – done
Culinary – Mixologist – Belladonna – done
Astronaut – Space Ranger – Victoria – done
Entertainer – Comedy – Belladonna – done
Business – Investor – Rachel – done
Writer – Author – Belladonna – done

Criminal – The Boss – Opal – done
Detective – Captain – Robin – done

Robin Specific:
Max Vet Skill – Level 6
Adopt a dog and fully train it
Max Pet Training
Run the Vet Clinic
Run the Retail shop
Have 1 pregnancy.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.4

      1. It’s a conflict with MCCC. We have been noticing that MCCC will say one thing and the game will not follow through. It said she was having a single female and she go two. When the triplets were born, it was supposed to be a single female also.


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